Cross-Cultural Media

Globalisation has had a massive effect on the media industry and the shows we see on television. TV channels these days are full of American shows and other shows from overseas, but the shows that I find most interesting are show that have been adapted from one country to another. Reality shows can be easily adapted to different locations. The X Factor just needs a different host and judges, and the concept still works. Big Brother, the same. But it’s shows like Kath & Kim, which is extremely popular in Australia, that have a hrs time being translated to an American audience. Sue Turnbull credits this loss in translation to “the role and place of irony” (2008, p. 115). So is it just a difference in what Australians and Americans find funny? My mother has herself claimed that she hates American comedies because they are too “in-your-face” and brash. Of course, my mother is no expert in the field of globalised media, but she is an active consumer.

With the globalisation of media, also comes the potential of ownership of global media corporations. Rupert Murdoch owns a number of media organisations all around the world, and this allows him to have a say in what information is published all around the world. Nobody will forget the 2013 Australian Federal Election and the NewsCorp coverage of it. But Murdoch has also had this influence in the past in different countries. David McKnight uses the 1992 United Kingdom election as an example, showing the influence Murdoch and The Sun newpaper had on the election.

The globalisation of Murdoch’s media empire has allowed him to have a voice and an influence around the world. Gone are the days of each country having it’s own media, media is now globalised, narrowing the influence being had on people, even from different countries. 

Turnbull, S 2008, ‘It’s Like They Threw a Panther in the Air and Caught It in Embroidery: Television Comedy in Translation’, Metro Magazine, no. 159, pp. 110-115.


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