Best Phone, or Just the Cheapest?

Apple or Android? The big question! The starter of many arguments between friends, family and random people in forums online. Which is better? Which is more popular? Which is more successful? The fact is, it comes down to facts.

The big difference between Apple and Android smart phones is the open platform that Android phones are built on. This means that Android phones are easily customisable by users and provide a lot more opportunities to change and play around with the phone’s software. Apple, on the other hand, is the complete opposite. Being a closed platform, Apple software, iOS, cannot be edited by users and comes as whatever Apple chooses it to be, and only they can change it. Another difference is also the openness of the Google Play Store, which is the store used to download apps onto an Android phone. Anybody can upload any app to the Google Play Store without it being checked or censored by anybody. The App Store, Apple’s version, is completely closed and apps need to be officially approved before they can be uploaded, ready for download.

The closeness of Apple’s iOS makes for a very simple and smooth consumer experience, with every phone being exactly the same. Android being the complete opposite, with every phone having to ability to be different, depending on the users preference.

So which is more successful? Android phones, in 2013, hold almost 80% of the smartphone market. (Etherington, 2013). Does this mean it’s more successful? I mean, it’s obviously more popular!
However, Apple is winning when it comes to smartphone profit, raking in around 70% of the smartphone revenue, with Samsung (user of Android platform) claiming about 30% of the total smartphone revenue. All other companies either broke even or lost money. (McCracken, 2013).

So why does Android sell more phones, but make less money? This, in my opinion, would have to be placed in the fact that Android phones are cheaper. To buy the new iPhone 5S outright on the Apple website, prices start from $739. The price of the Samsung Galaxy S4 outright at JB HiFi is $599. And you can even buy Android phones outright for under $100!

Are people buying more Android phones because they’re better, or because they’re simply cheaper?

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