Infinite Sunday Markets

I love online shopping. There’s just something great about it. There is so much more to find and to buy, and it seems that I always find something I like.

One of my favourite sites to buy from would have to be Etsy. I just love it because you can find pretty much anything on there, and the great thing is that most of it is homemade from people setting up their little stores online. One of the great things about Etsy is that there is no limit to the amount of people who can set up shop or the amount of things they can sell. Imagine Etsy as some sort of Sunday markets that are all infinite. And that’s the brilliance of it, it’s infinite! And this is all made possible by the amazing thing we call the internet.

As more people move onto the web for their business needs, websites like Etsy grow more and more. According to Justine Smith, in June of 2011 alone, sellers on Etsy sold around $38 million of products. $38 million dollars in one month. I highly doubt that kind of turnover would ever happen at a Sunday markets.

This is where the infinite idea comes in. Because Etsy is not a physical shop, it is not confined to one physical area, or a limited amount of physical shops. It is an online platform allowing for infinite amount of shops, infinite amount of sellers, and infinite amount of buyers.

If you go into Myer to buy your clothes, you are limited to the clothes they decide to sell and you are limited to only the clothes that they can fit in their space. You are limited as a customer to buy only what Myer chooses to sell you. Because Etsy is online, you are only limited by what you can find. While Myer only sells what they deem to be popular, and what they think the majority of people want to buy, people on Etsy are selling to much smaller audiences, but because there are hundreds of thousands of sellers on Etsy, all of their customer base adds up. Up to 25 million online viewers according to Smith actually. So if you ever have a good idea for something you’d like to sell, instead of forking out the money to rent a space and set up a shop or filling your car boot and heading to the Sunday markets, why not set up a seller account on Etsy? It’ll be instant and you won’t be limited. Your business will be infinite.


One thought on “Infinite Sunday Markets

  1. I also find it so refreshing to be able to shop on the infinite web. Most of the time my style is not accounted for in shops like Myer that look to sell to the overly simplified mainstream audience. My other favourite thing to buy online is Chinese movies series haha (you can check out my blog for more info on them if you want… It’s very random but you’re right about the internet being infinite. So long as we can find it, we can buy it. That is the beauty of the long tail market.

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