We’re no longer employing you, we’re selling you!

Back in the olden days*, there were a limited amount of jobs available. Most women only worked until they got married and become a mother, and most of the workforce worked in factories and on production lines. But over time, the whole make up of the workforce has changed and evolved from the industrial era until now, the information era.

The workforce during the industrial era of jobs was when people worked in producing something physical. On a factory production line, putting something together to be sold. This is what people wanted. It was the time of the suburban oasis, the perfect housewife, buying the perfect appliances, all for the perfect family.
This was also the era that unions were created and the 9 to 5 working day began. People had full time jobs and worked an 8 hour day. The 8 hour day, however, has become obsolete in this day and age, with people hardly ever ceasing work.

With the coming of the information age, people are no longer working with physical products and creating them. The information age brings new jobs, with new products. Most jobs no longer deal with physical products, but more so a different kind of product. Products are now digital, people and their information.
Take Facebook as an example. Every time somebody creates a Facebook profile and adds their information, Facebook collects that and sells it to their advertisers. Advertisers pay a lot more for ads that can be specifically targeted to a certain group, because their money isn’t wasted and goes a lot further. Facebook is the future of advertising.
And have you ever wondered why you can be on a website like YouTube or Facebook, and the advertisements magically have something to do with something you were ‘Googling’ earlier. That’s because Google uses the same principal as Facebook – ‘tailored advertising’. Do you use Google Chrome? Google knows everything you’ve ever ‘Googled’, every website you’ve ever visited and everything you’ve ever done online. Google uses your information to sell to advertises who use it to sell back to you.

Are you okay with Facebook and Google using your information to sell you things? After all, at least you get advertised things you might actually want! Or is Facebook and Google using this information against you, to track you? Are you being watched?
How does this impact your view of the new ‘information era’ of the workforce?

*not actually sure when the olden days were


One thought on “We’re no longer employing you, we’re selling you!

  1. It’s really interesting looking at the way the industrial era has changed things, just the way in which people change careers multiple of times today, when people in the ‘olden days’ (lol) rarely did.

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