My Random Followers

We’ve all done it. Usually on Twitter or Instagram, but even sometimes on Facebook.
I know I’ve done it, and I’ll bet that you have too. Yes, we’ve all used a pointless #hashtag in order to seem funny and sometimes even random.

It might not even be on purpose, the hashtag could actually be relevant to your post. You upload a picture of your cat to Instagram, hashtag #cat. You post something on Twitter about Carly Rae Jepson, hashtag #goddess. But have you actually noticed how these hashtags affect you?

I have a lot of random people from Russia following me on Instagram. How did they even find my profile? My guess is the hashtag #vodka. What about that crazy cat lady from somewhere in the south of the United States? Hashtag #catselfie. 

Every time we use a hashtag, we’re opening ourselves up to another space within cyberspace. Just think, if you didn’t use that hashtag #yoloswag that one time 3 months ago, you wouldn’t have all of those twelvies in snapbacks following you on Tumblr.

Every single hashtag is a new world. A new group of people. A new audience. All in cyberspace. And that’s how easy it is to meet people with similar interests on the internet. And I say meet, not actually meaning physically meeting people, but meeting them nonetheless.

Is it utopian to think that there’s a space for everyone on the internet? I don’t think so.
I like to think of the internet as a place where minorities cease to exist. If you’re the only person in your friends group who is obsessed with trashy pop music (I’m using my own example here), you just need to get online and with the use of one hashtag, you are surrounded by people with the same interest, and you are no longer a minority.

Is this a utopian idea? No, it’s reality.
Even if your new friends are nowhere near you physically, they can be right next to you in cyberspace, and that is thanks to the giant network we being to called society.

Hashtags have become like a door to another world. Each world with different people inside. But the great thing about cyberspace is that you can be in a number of different worlds at once. TweetDeck is a great example of this. You can track a number of hashtags at once, and they all appear on your computer screen simultaneously.

This makes me think of that porn blog that followed me on Tumblr once. I don’t even know what hashtag I used to make that happen. I don’t think I really want to know!


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