To invent, or not to invent? That is the question.

As I mentioned in my post last week, the evolution of networks has shaped our society today. The evolution of technology and networks has overtaken the evolution of humans. This poses the question; are humans even evolving anymore, or is technology doing all of the evolving on our behalf? As humans create, enhance and add to the technology we already use, we are finding that the technology we’re developing becomes more diverse. Is there any such thing as an inventor in this day and age?

Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone, created his invention with the intention of enhancing the telegraph. Martin Cooper, the creator of the first mobile phone got his inspiration from Alexander Graham Bell’s invention. This then led to the smart phone as we know it today.
This poses the question again; is there any such thing as an inventor today, or is the only thing close enough to compare simply an enhancer?

It’s interesting to see how throughout history, the amount of times “inventors” have just added to or enhanced previous inventions. This also joins in with my post from last week: Is there ever going to be a famous name in technology again? Sure, there are names like Zuckerberg in the world, but one must not forget that MySpace came before and the fact that Zuckerberg was only one of five co-founders of the Facebook brand. He merely had the smarts to manipulate his counterparts, making him one of the richest people in the technological world.

So, what makes an original inventor? What makes someone an inventor in the first place? How do you know when you have an original invention? And what even is an original invention?

So many questions, not many answers…


One thought on “To invent, or not to invent? That is the question.

  1. The next step for human evolution would be collective intelligence, where all participants are able to share information with each other on a global level. Sounds a lot like the internet, doesn’t it? Instead of evolving this collective intelligence on a biological level, we have just created technology that does it for us instead of waiting to evolve over millions of years.

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